Friday, January 30, 2009

Software Craftsmanship comes to Richmond, Va

I recently attended the Meet and Code Dinner.  This user group is in the process of resetting itself as the Richmond Software Craftsmanship Group.  I really love that idea.  I've been following the Software_Craftsmanship group for a little while, and I really like the discussions that come out of that group.  I'm excited that there is enough interest in the Richmond area to get a group like this going.  My hats off to Justin, Kevin, and Harper for getting this going.  In its previous incarnation, the Meet and Code Dinners were becoming more of a standard, eyes-forward presentations.  Now, they are consciously trying to make the meetings interactive discussions with little-to-no formal presentations.

Last week's meeting was a great roundtable discussion centered around Testing Legacy Code.  Al Tenhundfeld gave a short intro to the topic, and kicked off the discussion with some specific items he was interested in.  From there, we just ran with it.  The discussion went much more broad than the original topic, but I felt like it was a lively discussion and I look forward to the next one.

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